SPINvic inc is a not for profit organisation registered in Australia with the primary focus of providing assistance to the LESS FORTUNATE Muslim communities and inviting Muslims and non-Muslims to understand the worship of God as expressed in the Qur’an and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad may the peace and blessings of the Almighty ALLAH be upon Him.

All of SPIN Vic’s undertakings can be categorized under one of the following four categories; Muslim support, sadaqa (charity), education or events.

Our Vision

SPIN Vic envisions a world where every individual has an equal opportunity to achieve success, and where communities can work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for a brighter future.

We are directly involved with
Sadaqa (charity) projects across the
South Pacific, with our core focus in
New Zealand and Australia, however
our support is not limited to any
boarder or specific region.

under the text mission, change the existing to the following

To aid and enrichen the wider community by way of Da’wah, Charity, and various forms of assistance, aspiring towards a prosperous and positive society.
before the mission statement.

Our Mission

 SPIN Victoria’s mission is to serve and unite our community through the following means:

Our mission is to call people to the acceptance of the creator through community based initiative’s
such as feeding the poor and homeless, preaching in legalized areas such as parks, markets and footpaths, aswel as
community gatherings through which we will try to build a tightly bonded society based on mutual respect, understanding, appreciation,
trust and open communication.
to assist, support encourage and even motivate those who are trying to make a
change in their lives for the better, whether this be a new found acceptance of God,
leaving drugs and alcohol or just trying to be a more benificial, productive and constructive
member of society, spin will be by your side every step of the way, (we dare to care beyond the norms of what your used too).
is ever evolving and some within the organization find it hard to limit our work to just
what is mentioned above, extending their hands forth in charity work both local and international,
effecting those in the most desperate of cases and this is something we wont cease in aslong as we are
in a position to make a difference and the desired change.

Our Partners

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