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Building trust and working relationships within each community is necessary to achieve the successful outcomes we all want, and it will take all of us involved to accomplish this future!

With your involvement, SPIN Vic hopes to improves the lives of people all across the region:

  • You can donate to fund community-led initiatives and solutions;
  • Volunteer your time to help coordinate projects and provide services to communities;
  • Lend your voice to raise awareness and advocate for causes important to you.
  • Or perhaps you have another solution, idea or suggestion that we can be involved which will enable us to achieve our vision and mission.


Our ability to deliver highly efficient and effective projects which positively impact the Muslim and non-Muslim communities relies solely on the shoulders of our volunteers and donors.

This is your opportunity to give back and gain the rewards in this world and the after life, whilst gaining new skills, creating lasting relationships and having a laugh along the way.

Mohammed Faris from The Productive Muslim has covered 5 Benefits of Volunteering from an Islamic perspective in this article that is worth reading.

Please fill out the contact form and we will get in touch to see what is the best way in which you will benefit the ummah (community).


SPIN Vic understands that we cannot achieve our vision or mission without working in conjunction with others within our community. Our partnerships encompass a diversity of sectors from not for profits to private enterprises as well as leveraging off the back of other mutually beneficial relationships.

Some of the organisations we are partnered with include:

  • National Zakat Foundation
  • Mercy Mission
  • IREA
  • Launch Good

If you or your organisation would like to collaborate with us on a project, venture or in another capacity we would love to hear from you and about your ideas. Unfortunately, we are not able to partner with everyone, however we are always open for a chat and would love to align with like hearted people and organisations to make this world a better place in whatever capacity we can.

Donate Online

You can donate to SPINVic inc online, over the phone or by making a postal donation.
Donate Online

Online Direct Debits

The most beneficial way to give to SPINVic inc is by giving a regular donation in the form of sponsorship.

Just like you, if we know how much money’s coming in every month, then we know how much can go out. A regular income means we can not only distribute aid among those who need it now but also plan ahead for the future.MAY WE SUGGEST YOU SET IT UP FOR JUMMAH OF EACH WEEK? AND GET THE MOST ARJA OUT OF YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!

Ways to set up your direct debit: 

You are able to provide your card details to us or Setup direct transfer each week or month

Online cash donations

You can safely and securely make a one-off donation using Paypal

Donate Online

Paying directly into our bank account


Account Number: 308613006

BSB: 013288


Payroll giving

Did you know that you can make a regular, tax-free donation to SPINVIC inc directly from your pay packet?

To find out more, email or call +61 410 379 841.


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